“Not all who wander are lost”, Traveling is not just about visiting places which you aren’t aware of. but also meeting people who are on the same journey as you are. Hotel when traveling from place to place, can limit your desires to meet people and slice up your personal budget.

Have you been planning to travelbut have low budget? Even you managed to travel but run out of budget for staying? -Then House of Amigos is the correct place for you. No more staying at cheap hotel which poor ventilation and small space. As we House of Amigos, luxurious hostel located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh – provide you the best combination of hotel and hostel. With a safe and hygienic atmosphere. The travelers from different places of the world can communicate with the same traveling birds as you.With a friendly staff and ergonomic interior. The House of Amigos is an excellent choice to make.

Community area is open until late, so there is plenty of time for you to socialize with others. WeHouse of Amigos have our In-house cafe.Come and make memories with your friends and make new ones with us amigos!

With so many adventures on its doorstep, House of Amigos is a perfect choice for travelersin Manali, Himachal Pradesh.; As Manali, is a popular pick for outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in, rafting, hiking,Biking, downhill skiing, paragliding and we House of Amigos provide that– yup, really!, WE AREN’T JUST A REGULAR HOSTEL; We provide you the affordable luxury. So you can connectwith nature and your inner “Soul”.



Free Wi-Fi
Just because you’re on the road in some of the most secluded destinations in the world, doesn’t mean you should be disconnected from it. Enjoy free-wi-fi services at all our properties to stay connected at all times.

Delicious snacks, scrumptious meals, refreshing beverages, and stimulating conversations. Our in-house cafes serve as the best place for you to unwind after a day of traveling and get to know some of your fellow adventurers.

Luggage Storage
Whether you are traveling light or not, just dump your bags in the luggage storage as you explore your surroundings and immerse yourself in the local culture and ambiance.

Private Lockers
Got your valuables along and need a place to store them? No worries. Our private lockers will keep your belongings safe and secure with only you having access to them.

24*7 Service
Something wrong with your room? Need to make a special request? Our helpful staff members will be at your beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Laundry Service
Don’t waste your precious travelling hours on washing and cleaning. Use our laundry service to keep your clothes spic and span and use the extra time to roam free.

Daily Activities
With unmatched local knowledge, unrestricted access, and the best rates – our scheduled daily activities will let you enjoy your trip without having to go through the hassle of constant planning.