Manali- The Resort and Movie Destination of India
“A perfect combination of old and new”
There is always a time where we want to escape from our daily 9 to 5 lectures and spend a week or two with our boon companion. Sitting in our class room, pops up a thought “Let’s go somewhere,all of us-Together!” And if it’s your finals then you cannot wait at all. While planning the only name that strikes a college group is- MANALI trekking!!!
Not only in reality but in the virtual world also, the mighty hill station attracts directors too. We see this destination chosen in every story which starts with a Risk flows with Adventure and ends with finding LOVE!!
Just for an instance see as an example of Bollywood movie starting Ranbirkapoor and DeepikaPadukone, YehJawaanihaiDeewani, Directed by amazing AyanMukharjee; follow the story of Friends, Adventures and fun. You get a feeling of running away from your worries.
This blog resolves all your bloomy and swoopy questions. Therefore, let us go to the journey of discovering the reasons why Manali is an ideal destination for Movie and Adventure.

1) It’s Fascinating Chronicle Narration
The word Manali factually means “The Abode of Manu” named after Brahmin lawgiver Manu; a mythological character who is supposed to have survived when the world was dropped in flood. Legend has it that sage Manu Stepped off his ark in Manali to recreate mortal life after a severe flood had deluged the world.
According to published articles; one sidereal day, Varvasvata, the seventh incarnation of Manu found a tiny fish in his bathing water. The fish informed him to look after it with devotion as one day it would tailor him a tremendous service. The seventh Manu cared for the fish till the day it grew unimaginably huge that he released it into the sea.
Before departing, the fish warned Manu of an impending deluge when the entire world would be submerged and greeted him to build a sea worthy ark. When the flood came, Varvasvata and seven sages were towed to safety by Matsya, the fish which is regarded as first avatar of Lord Vishnu.
As the water subsided, the seventh Manu’s ark came to the rest on a hill side and the place was named Manali (2000 m) after him.

2) The “Vatavaran” Of Manali
Manali’s environment or as we quoted, “Vatavaran” has been the most significant reason why Manali represent the choice to be. At this place you could hear the sloshing sound of the river, the snow-capped mountains and the twittering birds afar makes you feel like you’ve been livening a at last. Its mountain and streets scenery changes according to its time. Therefore, you’ll have to look before you leave. Don’t know how to start? – do not worry here are the details you’ll need.

Temperature in Manali: Max. / Min.
Temprature of SummerTime in Manali: 28 °C / 20 °C
Temprature of Winter Time in Manali: 18 °C / 1 °C
Languages: Himachali, Hindi, English
Religion: Hinduism, Buddhism
Best Time to Visit KulluManali: Generally April – June / September – December are the best time to visit Manali.
Tourists came to stay for a week and find the Euphoria; shocked the saviour of wanders ends up staying for 3 months- isn’t it fascinating. Still you’ll find ways to go back and live the wonderful memories. The place made you feel like you belong there;a place of love, a place of serendipity.

3) Crafts and Local Street Market
You can find emporia and shops in various cities in the state selling a wide range of handicrafts.
The Craft admirers Manali’s the place for you, Manali is famous for its craftsmanship; theforbearance, innovation and dedication of artists is worth seeking. The artists have carved their thoughts and showcased it in the form of lavishing wood and metal artefacts, baskets made of wood and in craved with the conventional designs, are present in all form, sizes and shapes, woven carpets and rugs, embroidered exquisite designs on silk and fine cotton and painted intricately on various types of canvas.

4) Nouvelle And Local Cuisine
Manali’s food largely owes itself to the widely grown crops in the surrounding valley. The chief crops are paddy, maize, kodra and salyara that dominates the main dishes of the Manalipeople.This food is served during marriages and glittering occasions and is prepared in the way called ‘Dham’ preferably by a ‘Boti’ or a Brahmin cook. They are traditionally served on leaf plates or pattal.Homemade wine from barley and red rice, known as Chakti and Lugri, a perfect place for sommelier. Moreover, you get Hot and wholesome light food, with fast delivery here at manali- Yes!! You get the best of both worlds.

5) AdventureQuest
Manali also called as the Adventure town of India, acts as a foundation to your desires, and with your buddy and amigos the fun becomes excitement or extraordinary moments. Its vibes and the flora and fauna give you the opportunity to explore the Nature of Himalaya by positioning and engraving it within the people’s soul. This makes Manali a worth exploring.
The River Rafting to Sky driving everything prosecutes you go, “Mummaaaaa, kyathayehyaar- Dar laga par mazaaagya!”
So, if you’ve always wished to awaken the escapade enthusiast in you and are looking for the some gripping aquatics, then Manali linger the place to be. Manali spreads arms to adventure enthusiasts from all across the globe with a variety of adventure sports. River rafting in Manali is the popular adventure sports in Manali.

6) Old Manali
Young romances and hidden treasures, Manali’s a cool and snowy destination, just like a tea mixture of everything. The Old Manali Village hasit all.
At this place the Life in is slow, here it’s all pleasant. The locals still preferred living in traditional houses made of mud and woods with their cows.
Old Manali retains poise between the young and old, the globalized and isolationism. Here everything seemed eternal and enduring, regardless of the fact that the locals make you feel like home.
A rough slippery stoned trail leads one to the Manu Temple within Old Manali, the only temple dedicated to Sage Manu in the entire world. The Temple is about 3 kilometers away from the city center. On the way to the temple, one will cross many huts and houses built in traditional architecture.
“A magnificent place to read a book and connect with your soul“
So, Pack Your Bags and live your Jawaani with Manali! Let’s start Exploring the Nature to enjoy Adventure.
The true wander and seekers would not miss out Manali. – If those reasons did not convince you then god knows what will