We came up with this unique concept because we know what it’s like to be you. We know how you feel and understand you! So we are here to offer the best out of it.

Our mission is to offer the solutions to your unheard problems. Keeping it simple and clean. We do so by offering elegant affordable luxurious hostel accommodation with soulful locally inspired social spaces.

Our goal is to be innovative and yet be traditional so you don’t forget the true essence of Indian air.

Our place is not solely for the young travelers but also for the old souls. No generation restraint! Because let us bet it – there’s no age for adventure. Twenty or forty come here and make friends. Live your youth again.

We endeavor to use modern-day technology, innovation, and designs to be singular. Our focus as a website and hostel is to attract all, from solos to groups; from corporate getaways to personal leisure seekers, so you don’t get centralized and can connect with vibrant people.

To keep it all under control; we have teamed up with the passionate butterflies filled with local knowledge. To provide the most amenities for our amigos and so you can stay memorable and awesome. We also provide you the best blogs and stories from our connoisseur travelers and writers.