The places you mark on maps describe you. Do you likehinterland
and cold winds? Then Manaliis calling!!!
Come summer and everyone who’s seeking to cool themselves off.
Manali is one of the bestfreewaysgo! Manali is the
place to breathe in the cold molecules in your lungs.

5 Reasons Why Manali Should Be on your Bucket List

“It’s true that, you’re what you travel”
The places you mark on maps describe you. Do you likehinterland and cold winds? Then Manaliis calling!!!
Come summer and everyone who’s seeking to cool themselves off.
Manali is one of the bestfreewaysgo! Manali is the place to breathe in the cold molecules in your lungs. Don’t agree with us? Here are 5 reasons to do so!
5 Reasons Why to Manali :

1. Spring Daysand SolangValley

“The springs to mind when lost all hope and everything is fall”
Sitting or standing andall you hear is the chanting and charming chimchim of the breeze and water-Socold and so humble!you know its heaven.
It’s full of snow, skating & lots of visuals, a perfect fit for the Instagramers out there. Ahh how could we forget the beas river which is flowing from near to SolangVally.
Solang valley, India,thissmall village is recognized around the world because of the commonly found hot water springs in this region famous for various adventure sports and its utopian views of the hills makes you want to stay there!
Located elegantly above River Beas, Vashishtha is around 6km away fromManali town in Kullu district.
Here, hot water springs emerge from the granitic deposits that cover a vast area in this segment of the Himalayas. The ponds or water ‘kunds’ are located at the center point of the village. The entire area around these springs is normally covered with enthralling greenery all through the year. The water temperature in these springs usually varies between 110°F and 123°F.
Many people visit Vashishthaevery day to take a dip in these hot springs. One water tank is made and kept reserved for women only. Vashishtha hot water springs are a huge source of water for several other tourist places in and around Manali.
The serene atmosphere of Vashishtha springs
This place is well known for its hot sulphur springs and temples. Taking a dip in this water is considered sacred by many. Nearby is the pyramidal stone temple devoted to VashisthaMuni, a revered sage.Vashishtha Village is an ancient temple situated on the banks of river Ravi. This Temple is surrounded with scenic beauty of Ravi river. Hot water springs and completely wooden temples are points of attraction. People do take bath in hot spring water kund.
“So come and go; meet the expectation in a new dow”

2. TempleTraverse

“I found happiness; when I saw the light of hope, the light of wisdom”
A temple that occupies an important place in Hindu mythology, one could learn a lot about Bhim and his wife Hidiba here
Manali Temples symbolize the core faith and traditional beliefs of the local people who visit the shrines to gather the blessings of the almighty.
The blissful mythologicalarche of ancient Gods and goddesses, Manali Temples plays like an anchor of hidden treasure trove of tall of religious contours and wrinkles of the place history. The wrinkles of Manalihistory is associate with many old saints like Vashishtha and Manu. It is believed that Manali had been the abode of spiritual satisfaction many centuries back. The temples of Manali still bear the imprint of that very contentment and strong devotion.

The HadimbaDevi Temple of Manali is a supreme symbol of the religious heritage of the place. Constructed in 1553 AD, Hadiimba Devi temple is enshrined with an idol of Hadimba which was made following the pagoda style. The local myths surrounding the temple speaks of the arrival of Pandavas in the region when Bhim – one of Pandav brothers – married Hadimba by killing her brother Hadimb. From a very early age, the temple of Hadimba Devi is a sacred premises of Manali where the local people come offer prayers to the feet of the presiding deity.

Vashistha temple of Manali houses the sculpture of the great saint who had been dressed in dhoti, white shawl and a cap. The temple is known to be 400 years old and is visited by local devotees on a regular basis. The architecture of the Vashistha temple in Manali shows the influence of the Pahari motifs.

The Manu Rishi Temple of Manali is yet another fascinating shrine which had been made to pay respect to the oldest of human creators. There are five storeys in this temple of Manali which were erected by following the Pagoda architecture.

3. Crystal Snow and WaterStreams

“Where the city sleeps under the blanket of crystal snow”
The roads and lights so scrutinizingthat makes you wannachat with you-YES YOU!.
Want to hear the streams surge and birds sing? Came in February and witnessed the snowfall in the month of romance. Roads were covered with snow. It was safe!
During Christmas time, the hill town sleeps under the cover of a snowy fluffy white coat.
It is so mystical which renderfor a new beginning; wonder why most newly married birds chose this place. Manali snowfall also invites many adventurous souls to this beautiful town which opens the gateway for various winter sports that are practiced in this region.
This is the right time for visiting the Himachal Pradesh if you wish to experience heli-skiing, ice climbing or skiing down the snowy slopes.
During this time the Solang valley also bustles with a large number of visitors. The skiing school of Manali is located in this place.
Various courses on winter sports offered in Manali during this time.The snowfall season in Manali bustles with a large number of fun lovers. The crowd add brightness to the silvery surrounding of this hill station.

4. Garam Chai at the River Beas

“Beyond the place of worries and demands; a place so warm yet cold at the same time”
River Beas, famously known as the river where Alexander the Great was forced to end his conquest of the world has emerged as a spot for adventure seekers and lovers of nature alike. River beas, the only river which passes through the Manali town. The flow isso high, the sound is so fine that- flows can be heard from hundred meters away. The river meets with several bijou waterfalls and smalls rivers and become very huge after passing mountains.

5. The unique treasures of Manali


“True Knowledgestays within us when experienced, when explored outside the textbooks”
From streets to registered museum, Manali is the combination of all the unique treasures
Manali Museums and Old Streets must be visited by all those who are interested in unearthing the past mysteries of the place.
Old Manali is where you should go if you’re looking to explore Manali independent of its tourist destination status. The Old Manali is across Manalsu River and connects to New Manali through the bridge at the River Manalsu. Beautiful slow village with breathtaking view. It’s highly recommended place to visit and experience the life of the village with modern amenities of today’s.
Manali Museums
A reservoir slash house for some of the rare objects of the historic times. The museums of Manali are popular for having a veritable compilation of ancient events that took place in the region several centuries back. As the store house of the history museums in Manali aptly identify the roots of the place.

Artists, painters and Curators are mesmerized by the collection of articles, samples and other vital evidences of the local museums. All the treasures of Manali Museums speak of some or other important phase of the history.
The Nicholas Roerich Museum being one of the prominent places which has a close proximity with Manali. Located in the Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, the Nicholas Roerich Museum showcases the works and achievements of a Russian philosopher by the same name.

It is said that Nicholas Roerich visited Kullu after the 1917 revolution and decided to settle down in the place. Ever since his arrival in the scenic location of Himachal Pradesh, Nicholas Roerich always tried to form a platform of peace and harmony where people can come and live without the fear of devastating wars.

There are some other equally informative and significant museums around Manali that helps in making the tourists understand the historical aspects and perspectives of the place. Not only Manali but the museums provide a complete historical description of Himachal Pradesh as a whole.